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Drucker on E-Learning

"With the interactivity of the Internet, we get the equivalent of a one-to-one teacher-student ratio. The means are finally at hand to improve productivity in education"  - Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker Quotes

Justifying E-Learning Costs (Rosenberg)

"E-Learning is more efficient. It can take anywhere from 25 to 60 percent less time to convey the same amount of instruction or information as in a classroom."

Financial Benefits (Rosenberg)

"The financial benefits of e-learning accrue to the client organization, not to the training organization, and these benefits are almost always on the delivery, not the development, side. These benefits are most apparent when viewed over the total life cycle of the learning product ... The development costs for e-learning can be three times that of classroom learning, or more. This is money that the training organization will have to spend. But the savings on the delivery side are so significant that in many cases the initial investment in e-learning can often be recouped in the first year." 

Performance ROI (Rosenberg)

"Performance. It is here that efforts must be made to determine if the e-learning effort was effective. At this level the key question, Can people perform better and faster? goes to the heart of why the initiative was undertaken in the first place. Ask people who went through the online training program or who have used the knowledge management system. Watch them as they work and look at their outputs. Have they gotten better? Are there fewer mistakes? Are they working faster? Ask their supervisors and other stakeholders, including upper management, if they've noticed any changes. See what their customers or clients might have noticed in terms of knowledge gained, behavior change, or performance improvement. Don't just do it once or twice−do it constantly. Set up a system of continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the people who use the learning systems you deploy, and create an ongoing report that equates your results back to business performance."

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