Author Perry Shimanoff is a cleaning consultant, principal of MC2, promoter of healthy indoor environments, and author of engaging fiction.  Two of his fictional works are reviewed belowas tasteful, humorous stories are good for mental and emotional health.

Schustermeyer's Threesome: Three Short Stories




Another Delightful Romp with Schustermeyer

Mr. Shimanoff provides another enjoyable slice of Schustermeyer's life, including the wry escapades of his elderly ex-marine mother Adele, his mis-adventures surrounding the California Loma Prieta earthquake and collapse of the Nimitz expressway, and much more. This is a work of fiction, but told with love and a keen sense of humor, in which the author draws from his own life experiences, including a stint in the marines and his personal philosophy of "Semper Fi" ("always faithful" or "always loyal"). You won't go wrong buying and reading this excellent piece of thoughtful and gentle prose, which puts human foibles in a charming narrative that leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended.

Schustermeyer and Freyja: 2019





Schustermeyer and Freyja―A Shared Narrative, Adventure

Few books describe the relationship and understanding between dog and man as does Perry Shimanoff’s work, Schustermeyer and Freyja: 2019.  The delightful narrative flips back and forth between canine (Freyja) and human (Schustermeyer) as storyteller―in an amusing, insightful way―as each comments on shared experiences. Shimanoff’s Freyja voice hints at a dog’s grasp of life that may prompt readers to be more concerned with the welfare of the domestic creatures with whom we share this planet.  It's a great read.