HFI-U Health Brief

Dekalb County, Georgia: Going to School to Protect Public Health

In Dekalb County, Georgia, meeting the challenge to protect public health is a priority, and the state’s fourth most populous county has taken an educated approach, including programs to help ensure clean, well-maintained public restrooms and better indoor air quality.

This is exemplified by restroom cleaning measures underway at Dekalb County School District (DCSD), the third-largest school district in Georgia with nearly 100,000 students, 137 schools or facilities, and nearly 16,000 employees.

Demeterius Blount, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Manager at DCSD’s Sam A. Moss Center, believes using spray-and-vacuum technology is a way to improve both restroom cleanliness and IAQ, and his district has purchased some 127 units for use in all their facilities.

The portable yellow machines (Reference: Kaivac 2150 model) are filled with clean water and wheeled into restrooms, where workers apply a high pressure (500 psi) spray to clean and disinfect surfaces including hard to reach areas such as behind toilets and urinals, and grout.  Disinfectant is precisely added to the solution by a built-in proportioning and dilution system. After spraying the fresh solution, and allowing wet-dwell time, dirty liquid is vacuumed into a separate holding tank providing a deeper clean than wet mopping, and removing the source of bacterial odors without harsh chemicals that might impair indoor air quality and health.

Demeterius extends the meaning of “health” to empowering and dignifying workers and calls his cleaning staff, “technicians” or “engineers” saying:  “The spray-and-vac system is a ‘no touch’ ergonomic process that prevents our building techs or engineers needing to hand-wipe, get close to fixtures, kneel or otherwise bend down to clean well. It’s a great system and worker benefit.”

“It provides a faster, deeper clean than the old way with mops or brushes. We’re able to do more in less time,” he concludes.

HFI-U congratulates Dekalb County School District for meeting  common facility challenges head on with methods that make sense for both physical and fiscal health.

For more information, contact Allen Rathey, Principal, HFI-U, Desk 208-461-9193, Cell 208-724-1508.