The primary purpose of Healthy Facilities Institute University (HFI-U) is to teach persons employed by or associated with schools/colleges, senior care, hospitality, retail, and other fields, how to improve the environment of their facility in a way that makes sense from both a human and financial perspective.

We believe teaching others how to achieve healthy facilities is a process that is definable through systematic online coursework.

Management Expert Peter Drucker said: "With the interactivity of the Internet, we get the equivalent of a one-to-one

teacher-student ratio. The means are finally at hand

to improve productivity in education." 

In a 2009 study, IFMA found that for each dollar spent on training, organizations reported receiving an average of
US $3.95 in return (that’s 4-1 ROI).

E-Learning Guru Marc Rosenberg taught that E-Learning is a more efficient way to deliver instruction and training -- "It can take anywhere from 25 to 60 percent less time to convey the same amount of instruction or information as in a classroom."


Online delivery also enables scalability while keeping costs low.

Check out the sample courses, then call or email HFI-U today to customize a course for your needs, or choose from our growing library of expert-led courses.